May 6, 2008

Family Recipe

Tonight we had an extra special treat. We never had it before, and boy oh boy we can't wait to have it again...hopefully soon. These are even better than Grandpa's doughnuts.
Here is the ingredients, see if you can guess what we had.
1 Graham Cracker broken in half
1 Marshmallow
1/4 Hersey Bar
Roast the Marshmallow over an open fire.

Place the marshmallow along with the chocolate between the graham crackers.
Eat and enjoy.

Did you figure out what we had?


(aka smores)


Grandpa said...

YUMMY!!! Looks good....

Where can I make reservations to camp in your backyard? Tent, hammock, firepit.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you missed one major ingredient...sand! You can't have real smores without a bunch of beach sand mixed in. :-) Maybe when you come to visit Uncle Darren and Auntie 'Licia we'll teach you how smores are really done!

Anonymous said...

I like your style, Marianna. You ate that smore with gusto!

Love, Aunt Charlotte