Jul 5, 2011

Baseball and Fireworks!

It doesn't get any more American than baseball and fireworks.  It was a beautiful day out in the cournty for both.  After dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, we had a family game of baseball.  Everyone got a turn to hit, and field.  It was a great day, and we did start to laugh that we really had enough memebers in our family for a baseball game. 

Anyone want to take on the Mazzas? I dare you!

After the ball game, we started to light of fireworks.  Frank and the boys put on a really good show (minus the tank that came right at the ladies in the audience).   We had a nice mix of up in the sky, and some of them on the ground.  Frank picked out special things for each of the kids.  Frankie got some parachuting fireworks.  They were really cool, but VERY hard to take a picture of.

Marianna loved the sparklers

Reyna loved them too, as long as she didn't have to hold anything.

Beginning of Grand Finale

Middle of Grand Finale

Frank getting ready for the girls surprise

A floating light, from the movie Rapunzel

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