Jan 6, 2009

Growing Family

We are pleased to announce that the Mazza family has just grown by two. No, Mommy is not going to be having twins, anytime soon. Two stray cats have adopted us.
For awhile the brown and black one "Girl" (named by Frankie), stayed at our back gate and just ate out of our scrap pile, but then the black fluffy one, "Meow" (named by Marianna), came up to our back door. So Girl had to come up and get some food too. We have started feeding them cat food. One scoop each, we have to put them in separate bowls, or else they growl at each other.
All of us kids want to let the cats in the house, but Mommy and Daddy are always shouting "Shut the door!" We don't understand why they don't want our new family members in the house.

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mom said...

I love the kitties names!!