May 17, 2011


Shake the Popcorn!

Checking the goods
 I love camping, and my kids REALLY love campfires. They love to make smores.  However, 3 kids+A LOT of sugar + BIG mess = NOT fun bedtime.  So, when Frank got a campfire popcorn maker, we were SUPER excited!  The kids had been begging to try it out for over a week, and we broke it in the the other night.  We put in some oil, poured in the kernels and began to shake the pot.   It took about five minutes, we started to hear that great sound....POP!  And then a few more seconds...POP! POP! POP!  Before we knew   it our popper was full...almost over flowing.

Then we broke out the bowls, and had ourselves a nice, clean, healthy bedtime snack.

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